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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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want to be affiliated with a company that has not a good corporate citizen and did not support the minorities and the woman-owned businesses. and in doing the research they indeed have been, they have supported it without the contract even being up. they supported sf may they supported elanzo ballet which is headed by an african american that has been in san francisco for the last 30 years. but they have put up probono. so i think that contrary to some of the things that have been said. i think that the contract process was fair. clear channel has demonstrated commitment to work with the small businesses in the minority community and like jcdco we are also offering the training for the small businesss in terms of educating them and advertising, education program in terms of insurancing that we get maximum exposure for the businesses that we
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represent. thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please? >> angelo king. >> very quickly. i can only speak from personal experience, there are a lot of times that we are put in as a contractor or a community guy and i am putting together a projects and having an out reach component and i have always had a great reception with clear channel in trying to get things publicized and maybe my connection may my connection is better than others. but i have always been successful in terms of promoting events are getting free air space or even when we are going redevelopment stuff and we want to do neighborhood promoting things and we always got a great reception from them. and every time that i am listening to this discussion, i am not hearing that clear channel did a bad job or did not provide san francisco with cash. or none of that. you know? and actuality, they managed to contract well enough that they
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provided the city with more cash and we are trying to make sure that we get a fair deal with them. but beyond that, it is a huge contract and i understand the big boys and so we always have to be circumspec. they do support lbes whose focus is to make sure that there is publicizing for the business and promoting for the local events and i know for sure that the projects that i have been involved in had been benefited from that. and so, you know, after you go through everything, and i'm hoping to still roll with the entity thanks. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> let me say, that if there are any members of the public that also wish to comment on item number 7 that you could please step forward and line up on the line there. >> malard larkin president and ceo of (inaudible) consultants. over 20 years as a local firm here in san francisco.
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there are many things that i could say, but i have heard everything that i wanted to say when i wanted to get up here. but i want to thank the supervisors first of all for your comments with respect to continuing to support local businesses. i would encourage you to pass this simply because my personal experience with the clear channel having served in various different capacities around san francisco, other than business owner. but mostly, by the fact that clear channel hired the individual to local small businesses. i know that you have heard a lot of xhepts and so i will not take up much of your time thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker please? >> dr. susan churchwell and a community person and i understand that clear channel has strong presence in the lbes
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program. and they are promoting the small businesses. throughout this, this at the airport. they also have hired a publicity person solely to promote and to publicize the contracts for the small businesses to get abreast of it. and also, also going to promote local events, so therefore, i am asking the committee to consider to award in the contract to clear channel. >> thank you, very much. >> are there any members of the public that also wish to speak on item number seven? >> seeing none, the public comment is closed. >> colleagues any comments? >> if not, i would like to entertain a motion to continue item number 7 to the call of the chair and with comments to the airport that we once mr. martin returns, we will work with the budget analyst to get some more information there. >> so moved.
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>> we have a second and we can do that without opposition. >> mr. clerk, actually we are going to do one item out of order. could you please call item number 9? >> item number 9. ordinance appropriate ating $118,107 to the san francisco department on the status of women for fiscal year 12-13. >> thank you, very much. and i know that we have miss masa here to speak. we are joined mostly by supervisor cohen, would you like to provide a few comments. >> thank you colleagues for allowing me to present this item to budget. as you remember, a few weeks ago, the board of supervisors passed a supplemental appropriation of $631,893 to support new staff as the district attorney's office and the department on the status of women.
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while there was not agreement on this spending, on the remaining, amounts of the supplemental and staffing, i do think that it was general agreement among the board members that we could actually see this additional funding of $118,107 reallocated to a different line item to support the work that many of the work that the partners are doing in sort of legal services and language access for services of domestic violence and their families. >> we sent this back to the committee to continue the conversation about these services. and i would like to bring up now, dr. emily murase from the department of the status of women to give us a brief overview of the services that these additional funds could potentially be used for. >> thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> supervisor cohen and chair farrell. >> i want to thank the board
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for supporting the supplemental of last week. as you know the 2011 comprehensive report on family violence, documented increases in reported domestic violence cases received and assessed by the da's office and increased by ten percent and the adult probation department caseload sin creased by 17 percent, shelter beds have increased by 29 percent and crisis hot lines have increased by 47 percent, so the good news is that people are coming forward with rments on domestic violence. the proposal before you today is to real locate the $118,000 to five community-based providers and this comes from the community. those service providers are cooperative retraining order, clinic and volunteer legal services program and asian pacific islander, or legal research and legal aid and (inaudible). and in addition to those five,
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community-based organizations, we are requesting $18,000 in additional training dollars that the department would partner with direct service providers to give to city agencies including 911 and 311. why now? and why these agencies? >> before you is a copy of a study on secure communities in san francisco. and so just briefly in 2008, the department of homeland security, wanted to identify deportable immigrants at the point of arrest. and since then, they have been very aggressive in collecting finger prints. and they have collected between 2008 and 2010, 4 million fingerprints of these 8 percent matched immigration customs and enforcement data base. of these, about 20 percent or 65,000 people have been deported as a result of secure communities. the goal of secure communities
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is to deport dangerous criminals. and the reality is quite different and you will see in the report of the 324 deportations in san francisco between 2008 and 2011, one in three, the large proportion had no previous criminal record. the impact of this program, on domestic violence has been very severe. domestic violence perpetrators can counter charge the victim with some form of violence or assault. and the victim is then fingerprinted and then subject to ice procedures and deportations and so this program has created a chilling fact on reporting of crime in general and domestic violence by immigrant victims and so we really need expert legal advice from the community and by the community to counteract this chilling effect. and we really focusing on legal
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services. helping these communities overcome some of the challenges that secure communities have now created in the community. happy to answer your questions. >> supervisor mar? >> thank you, and supervisor cohen for bringing this to us and thank you dr. murase as well. i know that the asian pacific islander and others are part of this and the bar association 2 programs, as well, to provide legal services for domestic violence victims. and there is $18,107 allocation for the department. it seems for principle administrative analyst or partial funding so that person or your department can create a comprehensive needs assessment to evaluate the needs of domestic violence programs and is that what the $18,000 is
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used for. >> it is for when we go out and do a training, it has been almost five years ago when we put together a domestic violence response cross training institute. we partner with subject matter experts from our shelters and from our hot lines and our case management folks and we pay them to help to deliver the training content. so these dollars are actually going to go to our community-based partners. so, explain again, how the $18,000 to the department is going to be allocated? >> so, what we do is we pay a community-based trainer. so that we engage in shelter, case manager, to come with us to 311, or 911. and so, these dollars will go to that shelter employee, in support of our training. so we don't actually keep the money in. >> so it is stipends for attendees of the training.
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>> stipends for the trainers, actually. >> thank you. >> okay, any other questions? seeing none, thank you very much. miss murase and to the budget analyst? >> chairman and members of the committee, supervisor cohen has shown on page 44 of our report, as in table four, and that is on page 43. the proposed supplemental appropriation will result in total expenditures of 719, 539 for the five non-profit organizations in the department's training or 63 percent more than the current, 443, 334, in 1213. funding for those organizations. comparing the 11-12 level of the general fund cost to the
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proposed cost of 719, 537, reflects an increase of $323,067. that is 21 percent increase and projecting forward to 13-14, and tentative estimates will be $998,000. and we consider approval of this to be for the board of supervisor and happy to respond to any questions. >> any questions? >> i do. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you for your presentation and your work on this and for the department status and the staff as well. and supervisor cohen, just a question about this, you probably mentioned in that that was not clear. i think that $18,000 if you annualized that, how much would that be? >> supervisor, what we did was if you take a look on page 43 of our report, the bottom of the table in four, in fiscal
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year the 12-13, the department was budgeted for these specific organizations and including training. 443,334 and as you know the board about two weeks ago authorized an additional 158,096. if you add that 158, 096 to the 443, 444 that was previously budgeted plus your subject request today of 118,107, the total 12-13 cost will be $719537 and so that compared to the 443, 444 which you previously budget $and compared to the 396 for 11-12. >> mostly what we are looking for in what we are paying for the increasing and how that
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will be annualized later. my question is really based on the question that i asked when the item was before us about a month ago. i asked if the mayor's office was going to analyze the positions in the da's office and the positions that are being organized as well as the positions in the status of women department. the status was affirmative that the mayor was going to continue these services and programs. and now we have an additional $118,000. and my question is well, that is going to be the commitment for the mayor's office to want to fund that if we were to approve it today. otherwise we will just be funding ongoing services for, you know the increased number in services just for the remainder of this fiscal year, i am not sure how much sense that make. >> through the chair's supervisor, avalos, my understanding and that is what is reflected in our report if you look on table four. for the most part, each of these non-profit organizations
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would be receiving the additional $20,000. and the last supplemental that they all received was an additional $30,000 or a total of $50,000 additional in the current year, the department has indicated as reflected in our report, that those costs, they will be requesting that $50,000 additional that is being added to the annualized to $100,000 or doubling the amount for next fiscal year. >> and anyone with the question for the mayor's budget staff. >> what the intent is in the mayor's office because that will determine whether or just going to be funding something that is going to, you know, increase and it will just end, this fiscal year or just continue into the future years? >> hi, we are with the mayor's budget office. my understanding is that the increased expenditures for these grants would continue into the budget year. i believe that our assumption
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for the 6 month report incorporated that expectation that the funding for those grants would continue into the budget. >> okay. very good. and another question that i have is just get a needs assessment that the new staff person will be doing the department status of women and based on that, there could be a determination that there are services that these increased funds might be necessary to provide. and i like to think that if we were able to say that we are going to respond to the need and be flexion believe for what might happen in the other years. that is to help with the increases of services that the department of status of women with meet the needs that are existing and heretofore covered by the city. thank you, and commissioner murase, this needs assessment that is being conducted what is your estimated time on completion there? >> it is not being conducted yet because just you approved the position, and so there is a
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long process to hire a position, so we are hoping that within the month of april that we will have that position that this will be a high priority with the recommendation from your budget analyst office and so it will be a high priority. >> going forward here. they won't be completed in time for budget season this year. >> i think that is realize realistic. and i think that it will be the july time frame to have it completed. >> colleagues any more questions or comments? >> okay. at this point, i would like to open up to public comment, i do have a number of speaker cards, i will open up. and i have maria hernandez. and this is not for make-up and something like that.
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mirium. and svilen. kimerly cross and macever and lamb bright and trailer. >> the first one in that group feel free to come forward everyone is going to have a few minutes to speak. >> >> you know, (inaudible) [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> my name is maria, and i work with the organization (inaudible) [ speaking in a foreign language ] this is the very important issue. we work with women, with immigrant women that have been victims of domestic violence.
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and sexual abuse. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> >> the women are going through this very hard issues is the very stressed and it is very important to them to have this support and so we have a program in which you provide the businesses in their own language and we also go with them to do the things that they have to do. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> this woman, we get them and help them and support them to do the issues that they have to do and we also prepare them and help them to become the mentors for the women. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> we build partnerships and like alliance with this woman and we helped them to by having this relationship, with them, we help them to have study relationship and the services are permanent and it is better
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for them to imp ovrish the woman. >> thank you very much. next speaker please? >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> my name is maria hernandez and i work with (inaudible). [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and i am here as the survivor and also with my commitment to help the community and one of my commitments. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> (inaudible) first helped me with my situation of domestic violence and sexual assault. but they also trained me to help other women in my community. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> that is why for all that this is very important to keep our sexual assault crisis hot line and our programs of domestic violence. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i just want to tell you that domestic violence effects all of us, and that is why we want to keep this movement, thank you. >> next speaker please? thank you very much. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] . >> good morning my name is mirian kim. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i am a domestic violence survivor. [ speaking in a foreign
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language ] >> thanks to (inaudible) i was able to get therapy and to have help me. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and also my two kids have... and mental help therapy. and when i got there i was with them and i didn't want to continue with life. thanks to (inaudible) i am still here. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i'm now i still want to support other women, and thanks for your support. thank you. >> thank you, very much.
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>> next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, supervisors and i'm billy cross from the cooperative retraining order clinic, we assist survivors in obtaining retraining orders and child and custody support orders. the last time that i spoke when we were looking at the district attorney supply menal and i thanked you and want to thank you again for recognizing that many survivors choose not to access the criminal legal but still have needs and want to get safety through that and whether that is retraining orders or divorce or support and i appreciate that you recognize that that need is there and looking at this augmented funding. earlier when i heard you talking with the planning department and i saw these huge numbers that you were looking at and approving, it is very abstract to me. but when i look at it increase to my agency of 100,000, i get nervous, look at me i am
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getting red. that is so much money to my organization and to me. it is very significant. as soon as i know that this has passed, i will be able to immediately post-for a bi lingual spanish attorney to join our staff and that is going to increase services and increase our ability to provide services for that community. and i want to thank you for considering this. if you have any questions about our services i am happy to answer that whether that is now or later. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. please? >> good afternoon, mary maceva with the voluntary legal services program. we provide legal representations to over 250 survivors of domestic violence each year. our services are provided through volunteers and many of the clients are mono linguals and so therefore we maintain a interpreter panel so that we
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can serve the mono lingual clients. the funding that you are voting on today will help us sustain the level of services that we are currently providing and if it is annualized we look to increase the staffing for the project. and we also look to use the funding to give more resources to our volunteers who are litigating these cases. and in many of these cases, our clients are up against, opposing parties who have significant amount of money, and they like to use that money to continue to batter our clients. what they will do is they will get expert psychological evaluations involving custody matters and our clients do not have the resources to refute those evaluations. with this funding we hope to be able to fund some of those evaluations so that our clients are better prepared to fight these abusers. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon, my name is stacy lambbright and i work at bay area legal aid as a staff attorney in the domestic violence family law unit where i help the low income survivors get retraining orders, divorces, custody orders, support orders so that they can, so that they and their children can be free from abuse. legal service corporation is our pry primary funder and our lsd funds have been cut for the calendar year 2013 by 8 percent and this has resulted to a loss of legal aid of $225,000. additionally we may lose cdbg and other government funding due to sequestration. these funds will be vital in
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maintaining our current service level and will allow us to hire an additional attorney, which is something that we would not be able to do if we do not receive these funds at this critical time. and given the current fiscal and uncertainties at the federal level, this funding will help solidify the domestic violence and legal services for low income survivors in san francisco. on behalf of each of my clients in the bay area and legal aid i want to thank each of you thanks. >> next speaker, please? >> good morning, i'm taylor with (inaudible) out reach and thank you again for bringing this forward supervisor cohen and all of you for supporting this legislation. we provide a wholistic legal services to primarily the api community in san francisco, but to most communities, san francisco and we have been working in the domestic violence area for over 30 years and you know that lawyers are no